About Datum Graphics

My background was in Photography but an interest in graphic design, systems, coding and politics got me creating designs like this:

It’s a hand-bound book visualising all the data collected by the UK Gov’s ‘Black Hole’ program every day. After that I started getting more involved in other ways of visualising data and information.

Previously I worked at a medium sized creative agency specialising in book publishing working with clients like UCL Press and Bonnier.

Now I’ve created Datum Graphics to create data visualisations and infographics for news media, think tanks and researchers.

Our Bandwidth

DSL has a wide bandwidth - if you want data visualisations and infographics for printed matter, websites or digital interfaces then we can design it for you.

Work with us

If you are a print or digital media organisation, think tank or researcher needing some help with your infographics then we can help.